New application notes published for the PeCOD Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) Technology


Source: MANTECH Inc.

Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) are important diagnostic parameters for the determination of water quality in natural waterways and waste streams. The standard BOD test requires five days to complete, and is therefore unable to provide continuous monitoring of organic load. COD is therefore often used for BOD screening. The PeCOD method for COD analysis is a new technology that uses photoactive TiO2 nanomaterials that directly measures the amount of oxidizable material in a sample. Unlike the standard dichromate method for COD analysis, this new method is fast (approximately 10 minutes per sample) and it eliminates the need for hazardous chemicals, which helps ensure the safety of laboratory staff, reduces disposal costs, and helps companies meet green initiatives.

MANTECH has published two (2) new PeCOD application notes for the analysis of COD:

Surface Waters – (View the App Note)
This application note describes the application of the PeCOD COD Analyzer for the analysis of river and pond water in the Athabasca Water Shed. There is concern over environmental pollution in this area, due to hydrocarbon-associated contamination arising from rivers flowing through natural bitumen deposits and from anthropogenic activities such as oil sands mining. The note describes the analysis of COD in various Athabasca samples via both the PeCOD method and the dichromate method. The PeCOD method has a lower detection limit than the dichromate method, making it ideal for analyzing the low levels of COD that are typically present in surface waters.

Customer Study - Chemical Manufacturer (View the App Note)
Recently, a major chemical manufacturer in the UK invested in the PeCOD P100 On-Line COD Analyzer. Having previously lost a large amount of product to drain and incurring charges from the local water authority, the customer has installed the P100 on the outlet of their effluent plant to monitor the COD at two hour intervals throughout their 24/7 operations. This gives the customer real time data on their effluent COD levels, rather than having to wait 24 hours for the analysis of the day’s composite sample in the lab. The nature of the on-line COD analysis will also allow the identification of spikes of COD as events which can be traced back to plant operations, and thus push a change in behaviour with regards to product runs and any subsequent discharges as effluent on site

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