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New AQ VOC Handheld Indoor Air Quality Monitor


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IAQ Monitor For High and Low Range VOCs

Our AQ VOC utilizes a Krypton Lamp Photo Ionization Detection (PID) Sensor. This means that it can measure any VOC compounds with an Ionization Potential of less than 10.6 eV. Please contact us for a complete list of compounds that our AQ VOC can detect.


The AQ VOC is designed with equipment compliance and safety in mind and is the perfect monitoring tool for a number of applications including: Checking for Compliant Levels of Off-Gassing from Pesticides for Farms & Greenhouses, Wastewater   Purification & Storage; Testing VOC Scrubber Equipment; and Identifying Dangerous Leaks & Fugitive Emissions for New Building Inspections & Hazardous Goods Transportation.


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