New arsenic quick™ mini-kits released


Source: Industrial Test Systems, Inc.

Industrial Test Systems Inc., innovators of water quality testing announce the Arsenic Quick™ mini-kits. Our new mini-kits, a smaller version of our world renowned and highly rated Quick™ kits, are now available in five and two tests with detection ranges from 1-500 ppb. Our Quick™ Arsenic tests were developed with considerations for safety, accuracy, ease-of-use, and speed. They are ideal for end user testing and an inexpensive way to evaluate our kits.

Convenience has not been compromised for safety in the Arsenic Quick™ family of arsenic field test kits. All reagents are in powder form and have been carefully selected to minimize the hazards and inconveniences associated with conventional arsenic testing. All components needed to accurately detect and measure arsenic are included in a portable ready-to-use kit.

The US EPA verified that our arsenic field test kits yield accurate results for both technical and non-technical users in less than 14 minutes. Our easy to follow test procedure requires only three reagents that are clearly labeled and color coded to simplify testing. A matching color chart is included with extra large color blocks for quick and accurate color matching.

Our patented test kits are used worldwide. We have many kits available to meet your arsenic detection needs in water or soil. Custom and private label kits are available. For more information, to view additional Quick™ Arsenic testing kits, or to place an order, click here or call 1-800-861-9712.

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