New arsenic wood field testing kit


Source: Industrial Test Systems, Inc.

Now available from Industrial Test Systems, Inc. is a quick, easy, field test kit that can confirm the presence of inorganic arsenic in wood. Arsenic Quick™ 481396-W kit is a modification of the US Patented, ETV Verified arsenic test for drinking water. This 10 minute test readily confirms the absence or presence of arsenic in any wood sample, including CCA treated lumber using safe reagents. The semi-quantitative test detects the presence of 1 μg of inorganic arsenic with a yellow to brown coloration of the reacted test strip. Because the arsenic presence in aged wood can not be detected at the surface of the wood the test procedure recommends that a 1/4' drill bit is used to collect a 1/2' drilled sample from the wood. This drilled sample is then added to the reaction bottle for analysis.

Our arsenic test kits are used worldwide by International Aid Organizations, and are available to detect arsenic in wood, water or soil.

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