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New Benefits for Flottweg Customers in Russia

Source: Flottweg SE

Now Flottweg Russia has the opportunity to expedite the preliminary stage at the beginning of our interactions with customers.

2018-12-03 - Moscow, Russia -- The laboratory in our new office in Khimki has finally commenced construction. In addition to an office building and workshop, the Moscow team has access to some of the industry’s most modern laboratory equipment. Today the lab is equipped with the latest instrumentation to conduct lab tests on any customer’s original product. Customers now don’t have to send a sample to a Flottweg SE lab to check whether it’s possible to use our centrifuges for their operations. Within two hours, Flottweg Russia can assess whether Flottweg centrifugal separation technology can help a customer solve their problem. Additionally, we can also assess the technological performance of their centrifuge.