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New beta contamination probe from Southern Scientific


Southern Scientific has introduced a new beta contamination probe to add to an already comprehensive range of probes for the Radhound, our general purpose digital radiation monitor.

The SS440 is a scintillation probe designed to be an equivalent to the NE BP4/4C. It uses a 1.5mm thick and 57mm diameter scintillator, with an active area of 19.6cm2. The EJ-212 (anthracene replacement plastic) detector provides a higher sensitivity for beta radiation than anthracene. A choice of grill spacing is also available ranging from 3 to 9mm. Weighing 450g the SS440 is 220mm long (excl. connector) and has a maximum diameter of 67mm.

Southern Scientific also supplies Geiger, sodium and plastic scintillation probes for use with Radhound, a powerful digital radiation monitor designed and built in the UK, which provides consistent and stable measurement of alpha, beta and gamma contamination.

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