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New bird deterrent system offered by Nixalite


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New Bird Buffer, offered by Nixalite, controls flying birds in open spaces, indoors and outdoors, with a nearly invisible haze of safe and humane Fog Force repellent.

The Bird Buffer is a programmable, electronic aerosol generator that produces a dry haze of Fog Force that never settles or leaves any residue. This is a permanent system that works on a timer, so there is only one installation. The haze is delivered automatically, with no additional labor required. The system is quieter than a fog generator, and the haze it delivers is not only non-toxic, it is nearly invisible.

Fog Force is harmless to people, pets and birds. It stimulates a nerve that only birds have. With each exposure, the birds come to associate the area with the stimulation and learn to stay away. The active ingredient in Fog Force, Methyl Anthranilate (MA), is registered and approved by the EPA and the FDA, and is used as flavoring and aromatics in food products. The haze smells faintly like grapes.

Bird Buffer has been approved in places where other systems are not:
• Food packing/processing facilities
• Aircraft maintenance hangars
• Airport equipment & plane storage
• Landfills & recycling centers
• Orchards, vineyards & farms
• Open air malls & restaurants
• Auto parking & storage facilities
• Large, flat & open rooftops
• Feed lots, livestock containment
• Nurseries, greenhouses and tree farms
• Nearly anywhere birds fly through, over and around large open spaces

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