New cable stripper and granulation plant launched

A cable stripper able to handle wire as fine as 1mm together with a low cost cable granulation system are the latest additions to the JMC range of metal recycling equipment. With these two new products, JMC Recycling Systems of Nottingham, England, claims to provide small and large processors alike with the ability to take advantage of today’s high copper prices.

Known as the 1000 Euro Strip, JMC’s new cable stripper is an amazing little machine which is probably the only cable stripper on the market today able to handle wire as thin as 1mm in diameter. The Euro Strip 1000 can be operated from a bench top and is designed to strip wire from 1mm thickness up to 25 mm in diameter at rates of up to 15 metres per minute. One of this machine’s key features, and the one which sets it apart from other systems, is that there is no need for the operator to constantly adjust the cutting blades to suit different cable sizes. For those with larger cables, the system can be combined with the Euro Strip 3000 or 5000 models which have been operating successfully throughout Europe since their launch two years ago.

The EUREKA cable granulation system is a heavy industrial machine for producing clean copper granules from all types of household cable and other small wire. The cable can be fed directly into the hopper of the machine in lengths of 500 to 1000mm, or in rings of 300mm diameter. The cable is first processed through a granulation system and the resulting granules transported to a separation unit via a blower system. Separation of metals and plastics takes place on a vibrating dry separator. Eureka can process up to 200kg of copper cable per hour, yet is small and compact requiring the minimum of floor space.

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