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New Campaign Won`t Fix Old Problems


Source: ReNew CANADA


The Province of Manitoba has put together a snazzy new campaign with the slogan “Spirited Energy” to enhance its image. While catchy, Manitoba’s lack of stormwater treatment regulations amid strong commercial growth is not exactly “spirited.” In fact, this absence may cause environmental problems that could cost the province millions to repair in the future.

When Winnipeg’s combined sewers (wastewater and stormwater pipes) overflow they discharge bacteria, floating debris, oil, fertilizers and animal waste into rivers. Diverting that water, which the city plans to do, is a good start, but treating it is essential—and without regulations in place, that is not going to happen. Developers will keep building shopping malls, factories and other businesses without installing stormwater management systems that could help protect natural water resources.

Roger, a Manitoba water industry expert who asked his real name not be used, is quoted in ReNew Canada magazine as saying, “There is a big game being played here. The general attitude is that if it’s not required, why put it in? But every commercial development should have a stormwater treatment system.”

So why haven’t Winnipeg and Manitoba implemented stormwater regulations for commercial development?

Find out in the upcoming July/August issue of ReNew Canada magazine.

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