New Concrete Scanning GPR Systems


Source: Global GPR Service Inc.

It seems the trend in ground penetrating radar concrete scanning systems is to go smaller, lighter and more portable. These are all positive benefits for these new smaller systems. However, these benefits may come with a few compromises.

The new “Mini” concrete scanning GPR systems featured in this blog are from two leading GPR system manufacturers Sensors & Software and GSSI. We have not tested these systems and the information here is what we have deciphered from the manufacturer’s marketing material and news releases.

From our preliminary observation the primary compromise appears to be a smaller screen size, from both companies, compared to their full sized brothers. Trying to identify small or faint targets on a compressed screen size could potentially be a bit of a challenge. The good news is, both of these new systems have maintained the great depth of penetration that is available in their respective full sized systems.

The Conquest SL has an 8″ (20.3cm) screen size compared to the 15″ (38cm) screen in the full size Conquest. On the up side the new Conquest SL can run on battery power or AC. I’m glad to see they have incorporated the “Power Cable Detection” capability feature, available in the full sized Conquest, into this new system. We use this feature extensively to locate “Live” power conduits in concrete slabs.

The StructureScan Mini HR has a 5.7″ (14.4cm) screen size compared to the 8.4″ (21.3cm) screen in the full size StructureScan Standard. The great thing about this new Mini is the video display is built into the antenna and not tethered by cables to a separate unit.

In technology everything is a trade off. You will have to decide for yourself if you are willing to trade off larger screens and possibly some other features incorporated in the standard concrete imaging systems for these smaller, lighter and more portable minis.

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