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New Crushing Technology Creating Wealth

The stone material is an indispensable stone in construction engineering and other industries. The aggregates need to pass through the stone crushing production line. The whole production line is mainly composed of the feeding device, crushing link and screening. The broken part is the whole production line. At the core, it can be said that the quality of work and the output of the entire production line are dominated by it. There are many working models of stone gravel crusher. The general coarse crushing is completed by jaw crusher, and the secondary crushing is completed by cone crusher and impact crusher. With the continuous development of technology, the working performance of stone crusher has new enhancements, more models have been introduced that can be used in even harsher environments.

Stone crusher, new technology casts new quality
The working performance of the gravel crusher is very important. In order to fundamentally improve work efficiency and work quality, excellent crusher equipment is indispensable. As the number of high-level buildings increases year by year, the materials of stone materials are used. The demand is getting higher and higher, which also spurs the manufacturers of crushing equipment to continuously introduce new models to meet the more detailed crushing requirements of users.


Jaw Crusher: In addition to the traditional jaw crusher, there is an upgraded version of the German version of the jaw crusher. The large bearing and the forged spindle are matched, the bearing is larger, the crushing force is larger, the low suspension motion mechanism is designed, and the crushing ratio is Larger, the structure is optimized, and the high-hardness alloy is used to make the wear-resistant tooth plate, which has lower failure rate and more convenient maintenance;

Secondary crushing

Impact crusher: Counter-breaking also has German version of impact crusher, optimized crushing chamber, larger capacity, large feed inlet design, larger feed size range, heavy-duty rotor design, new hammer-fixing method, reliability Better, overload protection device, pre-screening foreign objects, protecting the crushing chamber to avoid damage, and also selecting the grinding chamber design, the material application range is wider, the maintenance work is simple, and the operation is easier;

Cone Crusher: Cone Crusher has five series of equipment, spring type, full hydraulic, single cylinder hydraulic, multi-cylinder hydraulic, composite (Simmons), each model is equipped with different crushing technology, spring device provides overload protection, The hydraulic clearing system reduces downtime, the workload is larger, and the output is higher. In the new single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, the PLC control system is configured to centrally adjust the crushing parameters, the work is more precise, and the finished product control is more precise, which is very suitable. Production of high grade stone materials.

Stone crusher, correct selection, broken heart
The selection of the stone gravel machine has made many users frustrated. Regarding the selection of models, different people have different standards, but the large selection criteria can not avoid the production environment, crushing requirements and investment costs. From the perspective of the equipment itself, the premise of being able to pick good equipment is to find the right manufacturer. Today we will carefully sort out the relevant precautions for the selection of gravel crusher.

1. Production conditions

Changes in the production environment can affect the stability of the work of the equipment. Therefore, for production sites with poor environment, you can select adaptable models to ensure stable operation of the equipment;

2.Material properties

The physical and chemical properties of materials should be considered. Different equipment is suitable for different material properties. The higher the matching degree between the two, the more the working performance of the equipment can be fully exerted, and the work quality and output are higher.

3. Investment cost

Equipment selection accounts for the majority of total investment. If sufficient funds are available, it is possible to choose a new type of machine. The technical content is higher and the work performance is stronger. Secondly, it can meet higher production requirements and is conducive to the production of high-grade stone. ;

4. After-sales service

After-sales service is very important. In the later production, due to various uncontrollable factors, the equipment may have different degrees of failure. In order to protect your rights and interests, please choose the perfect partner after-sale, even if the equipment is problematic, there are The technical support of the original manufacturer can solve the problem as soon as possible, reduce downtime and ensure production efficiency.

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