New cutting-edge Light and Air Velocity Meters unveiled by Casella CEL


Source: Casella

Casella CEL has announced that it has expanded its extensive portfolio of high-quality environmental and occupational monitoring and measuring instruments with the addition of a range of advanced Digital Light Meters and Air Velocity Meters.

Casella's array of Digital Light Meters are easy to use, compact and lightweight (only 250g including battery) and measure light intensity from sources across all the visible range, making them ideal for measuring light levels in safety applications, work areas such as warehouses, offices, restaurants, hospitals and schools and security lighting. The inexpensive meters can also be used in photographic or video applications. Prices start at just £81 for the light meters, which boast a 3½ digit LCD with overload and low battery indicators and the ability to measure in both Lux and Foot-candle units.

Also extremely reasonably priced from £144, are Casella CEL's new Air Velocity Meters (anemometers) that accurately and speedily measure air velocity, air flow volume, temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure. Featuring a large backlit display, fast-response temperature sensor, air flow calculation for ducts and a memory recall function, the meters are perfect for use in ventilation surveys, air conditioning, heating and environmental monitoring, plant maintenance and commissioning and face velocity testing in fume cupboards.

Market Manager Tim Turney commented: 'We are delighted to have added new instruments to our prestigious range of monitoring equipment. Casella CEL's new range of light meters and anemometers offers state-of-the-art accuracy and speed of measurement at an extremely affordable price.'


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