NEW! Environics ROBD3 - Coming Soon


Source: Environics, Inc.

Preview of the Next Generation Reduced Oxygen Research and Training Device

2/4/2014 -- The Environics® Series 6202 Reduced Oxygen Breathing Device 3 is the next generation system that simulates altitude exposure and can be utilized for both research and hypoxia training.  To be notified of the release of the ROBD2 retrofit package and the release of ROBD3, click here.

New Features of the ROBD3

  • 10.4' Color Touch Screen HMI (Human Machinne Interface)
  • Improved Pulse Oximeter Response Time
  • Ethernet Connectivity with Remote Operating Software
  • Remote communications are compatible between ROBD2 and ROBD3
  • Flows up to 90 L/min standard vs 50 L/min
  • Graph SpO2, Oxygen, Pulse and Altitude for up to 80 minutes
  • Review trend data with test subject after recovery
  • Easily create 16 programs with up to 12 steps each
  • Breathing bag housed within the system
  • ROBD2 may be upgraded to take advantage of these new features

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