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New Environmental Sampling Unit From Crowcon

The new Environmental Sampling Unit (ESU) from Crowcon is a cost effective device for monitoring high density gases such as chlorine, sulphur dioxide and flammable vapours where positioning a conventional sensor is not practical.

An electric fan draws an air sample into the chamber via a pipe, where Xgard detectors monitor the presence of flammable or toxic gases.

The ESU is ideal for monitoring large enclosed areas such as chlorine stores. One unit can monitor up to 12 metres of sampling pipe, eliminating the need for multiple sensors mounted at floor level. The device can monitor from a single point, along an entire floor space, or even areas subject to flooding such as wet wells.

Its rugged design and high impact plastic enclosure makes the ESU particularly suitable for harsh environments. A hazardous area, EX certified version is available for safely monitoring flammable vapours.

The ESU is monitored using Crowcon's Gasmaster or Vortex wall-mounted control panels, which show gas levels and monitor the fan to warn if it slows or stops. If there is a gas leak, fan blockage or fan failure, a local sounder is activated, alarms are indicated and outputs are sent via relays and 4-20mA or RS-485 Modbus signals. Battery backup is provided as standard, ensuring continual protection even if the power fails.

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