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New era in remote PM monitoring


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Heavy industry mining and metal processing companies are constantly in search of suspended particles emissions mitigation solutions in order to minimize their relevant footprint. LIDAR technology can address this challenge offering remote sensing of aerosols at long distances with up to several kilometres’ radius of detection. Aerosols concentration and plumes dispersion 4D monitoring, characterization, source localization and load contribution, incoming (background) pollution monitoring and virtual fencing are the keystones that LIDAR technology is capable to offer for such applications.

3D Scanning remote monitoring Systems

Raymetrics scanning backscatter/depolarization lidars are proven to be the ideal solution for measuring Particulate Matter (PM) over industrial sites which produce PM during their production stages and processes. Measurement campaigns in mining sites in South America have established proof of concept using Raymetrics systems and offered critical insight to the corresponding serviced companies on identifying local aerosol emission sources, dispersion and concentration levels on site.

Integration Capabilities Integration with in situ sensors have led towards a wider range of capabilities and services for such industries that additionally include state of the art remote PM precision monitoring and concentration quantification, combined with high resolution forecasting services for aerosols and gases concentrations and corresponding plumes evolution, web based user interface, wide range analytics toolbox, remote operation services, reliable worldwide after sales support and maintenance services.

Raymetrics integrated solution installations are currently being deployed in iron ore and steel plants in South America that enable long term monitoring to support and evaluate air pollutants emission mitigation strategies and resulting actions.

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