New gas analyser checks effects of flue gas SO3


Source: AMETEK Land

The new Lancom 200 is the latest portable gas analyser from Land Instruments International for measuring sulphuric acid dewpoint temperature.

Easy to operate wherever it is needed around the plant, the Lancom 200 uses a measurement technique pioneered by Land more than 40 years ago.  Today it is essential for ensuring environmentally friendly and cost-conscious operation of boiler and power plants through thermal efficiency and effective control of processes and emissions.

In process control applications, the Lancom 200 reports concentrations of SO3, generating data that can be used to reduce the volumes of costly additives injected into the fuel before the boiler to reduce downstream SO3 emissions.  Similarly, where additives are used to improve ESP performance, and particular fly ash collection efficiency, the analyser can monitor SO3 slip, thus reducing acid aerosol emissions (blue plume).

Examples of thermal efficiency include monitoring the temperature of the sulphuric acid dewpoint, so that the flue gas temperature can be kept above it to prevent air heater fouling on coal-fired power plants.  Operating the plant with this safety margin prevents massive long-term plant corrosions and associated maintenance costs.

Acid smut and aerosol emissions are amongst the most significant emissions control issues for any plant, with serious environmental consequences if they are not kept in check.  Here, the Lancom 200's contribution is to monitor acid content closely and to report the Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) for compliance purposes.

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