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New Gas Generator to check personal Gas Detectors


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A 100% Test in just 10 Seconds

Personnel working in chemical plants protect themselves with personal gas detectors from gas exposure. Gas leaks are very unlikely to occur, so the gas detector will always display „0“.

An instrument displaying zero can do so for two reasons:
a) The concentration is zero.
b) The instrument is defective.

For good reasons a daily check of the instrument is mandatory. It would be too time consuming to perform a complete calibration every day. Regulations allow calibration intervals of up to six months.

The daily functional test with the gas generator makes sure that no instrument failure caused by abuse or wear and tear will go unnoticed. To perform a test it is sufficient to expose the sensor to a short puff of gas and see if the instrument gives an alarm. To make this test as fast, easy and cheap as possible, no accurate gas concentration is used, but approximately twice the value of the alarm threshold.

The quality criterion for the detector is not reaching a certain value, but the response time: A good sensor is also a fast sensor. So the gas generator stops gas generation after 10 seconds automatically. If the detector fails to alarm within this time interval it is not safe to be used.

hus the generator test reliably indicates the following potential errors:

  • Defective electronics
  • Alarm buzzer or lamp defective
  • Sensor defective
  • Sensor too slow
  • Sensor not sensitive enough

Compur Monitors introduces a new gas generator model with the following features:

  • The flow of the built- in pump is adjusted to perfectly simulate the operating conditions of the gas detector.
  • The gas generator itself consists of an electrochemical cell filled with a electrolyte paste. This cell will only generate gas when it is activated by putting a gas detector on the receptacle.
  • The amount of gas produced when activated is very small. Therefore no restrictions regarding transportation and storage of the gas generator apply.

The gas generator is very easy to use. The gas detector operates a switch when put onto the receptacle. Gas production stops automatically after 10 seconds, or if the detector is removed.

The new test gas generator is compatible to Monitox, Monitox plus Minitox, Dositox and Tracer. It will replace the well known model 4100.

With this new product Compur Monitors contributes to safe operation of gas detectors.

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