New generation of environmental noise monitoring systems from Brüel & Kjær

Based on its more than 60 years of experience in environmental noise assessment, Brüel & Kjær is now launching its latest generation of environmental noise management systems, incorporating state-of-the-art technology such as safe and secure real-time data streaming into a professional geodatabase. The system, which has been developed in cooperation with expert customers, is a powerful and attractive solution for environmental noise management and monitoring for a wide range of applications from entire cities to smaller, individual projects.

Modern, Professional and Powerful
Environmental Noise Management System Software Type 7843, the backbone of the Brüel & Kjær Environmental Noise Management System, has a modern server-client software architecture that makes it a powerful noise data management tool and a solid platform for both today and the future. It offers real-time communication with an unlimited number of Noise Monitoring Terminals (NMTs), ensuring continuous data storage in both the NMT and the central professional database. The software ensures data retrieval, analysis, reporting and export of noise, weather, and geographic data through its multi-window, configurable user interface with built-in GIS functionality. Naturally, export and import of noise map data to and from Predictor™ Type 7810 and Lima™ Type 7812 are supported, as are a wide range of other formats. Alarms and alarm management are a central part of ensuring high uptime of the system. Multiple user roles, linked to the user’s network’s Microsoft® Active Directory, allow different people with different interests, functions and skills to seamlessly operate on the system, easily supported by the corporate IT department.

New Range of Terminals – Increased Flexibility
The new management software is supported by an increasing range of powerful, modular noise monitoring terminals for stable, long-term and continuous outdoor monitoring. Noise Monitoring Terminal Type 3639 now comes with a range of microphones, communication methods and drivers for different central control software allowing control from a remote PC. Data can be streamed over LAN, W-LAN or GPRS to Environmental Noise Management System Software Type 7843. The terminal can also be controlled by third party software as it can be delivered with the necessary communication protocol documentation for integration into other systems.

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