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New GESi and MTD Partnership Will Make Canadian Lawns


Source: Global Emissions Systems Inc (GESI)

Whitby, ON-- Global Emissions Systems Inc. (GESi®) is pleased to announce a licensing agreement and endorsement deal with MTD Products Limited.

The deal will see MTD lawnmowers using catalytic technology to cut down on harmful emissions by up to 35 per cent. MTD Ultra Low Emissions Gas Lawnmower brand of “greener” mowers will be launched into Canadian Tire Stores throughout Canada this spring.

“We are proud to be associated with this significant Canadian breakthrough in lawn care for homeowners that also protects the environment,” said Eric Latino, President of GESi®.

According to Latino, the catalytic converter improves performance, burns cleaner, and eliminates odour on the MTD Ultra Low Emissions Gas Lawnmower. Through the use of a catalytic converter and secondary air injection, the new exhaust emissions are reduced by up to 65 per cent of the allowable national standard.*

The product launch with Canadian Tire provides an opportunity to determine whether there is a demand for lawnmowers, based on their emissions levels. GESi® plans to analyze the mowers’ sales carefully, to determine whether further investment in research and development will help drive more programs between GESi® and MTD.

Future ventures could include decreased emissions from lawnmowers utilizing a GESi® catalyst muffler.

About Global Emissions Systems Inc:
GESi technology has been tested and verified by Canadian home and business owners; from small gas powered lawnmower engines, to large natural gas co-generation plants.
They offer technological answers to cutting down the harmful emissions from small engines, vehicles, material handling equipment and cogeneration equipment.

About MTD Products Limited:
Since 1932, MTD has enjoyed a heritage of dedicated people who have shared a common mission of providing their customers quality, dependability and value.

*Based on the CARB Tier III standard of 10.0 g/kW-hr of HC+NOx exhaust emissions as compared to an Environment Canada and US EPA Phase 2 standard of 16.1.

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