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New `Green` Chemistry Offers Solution to Looming Global Nitrate Crisis


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CEDAR HILL, TEXAS --- Small, minority-owned business in small Texas town is bound to become the “BAT” (best available technology) among nitrate removal technologies. Nitrates are on the increase world-over due to factors that include wastes from municipal, agricultural, and industrial processes. Health and environmental issues associated with nitrates are various and multiple, ranging from human methemoglobinemia (reduction to oxygen-carrying capacity of blood) and increased cancer risks, to promoting anoxic conditions in surface and ground waters world-wide. Literally, billions of dollars are spent every year in attempts at resolving these issues.

Current methods of nitrate removal consist of distillation, dilution, reverse osmosis filtration, ion exchange resin filtration or the use of biological agents. All these methods come at enormous expense to both potable and wastewater plants. Progressive Global Technologies, Inc. has developed a product called Oxy-Pro™ NR that is considerably more cost effective and efficient than the alternatives. The solution is eco friendly, because it is non-toxic and degrades to water. Oxy-Pro™ NR converts nitrate to harmless N2 gas which is released into the air, leaving the water completely nitrate free and in a healthy 50/50 balance, with equal parts CO2 and oxygen.

Oxy-Pro™ NR recently received certification from NSF, the internationally recognized organization governing health effects of drinking water treatment chemicals. It is the only green chemistry product registered with the NSF under this function Green chemistry is the design of eco friendly chemical products that reduce or eliminate the use and generation of hazardous substances, according to the EPA.

Oxy-Pro™ NR is simple in design, requires only small capital investment for chemical tanks & injection pumps, and is highly efficient. The product is chemically stable, safe to handle, ship, and store.

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