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New high flow version of Sierra Instruments’ MAX-TRAX™now available


Source: Sierra Instruments, Inc.

The Max-Trak™ Model 180 industrial mass flow meters and controllers are now available in a high flow version. This expands the total range of the Max-Trak™ instruments from 10 to 1000 slpm with lower flows (to 2 slpm full scale) available upon request. A rugged and reliable industrial gas mass flow controller ideal for many process control environments, Max-Trak™ outperforms the competition as it conforms to the rigorous water-resistant requirements of NEMA 6 and IP67.

Max-Trak™ has excellent accuracy (+/-1% of FS) and repeatability (+/-0.2% of FS) coupled with unsurpassed instrument stability resulting from a patented, inherently linear design, advanced platinum sensor technology, and a valve that is strong, flexible and forgiving. Sierra’s Dial-A-Gas® technology makes Max-Trak™ the industry’s only multi-gas capable Industrial Mass Flow Controller. Max-Trak™ can communicate to a user workstation via RS-232 or one of 4 analog signals and has been used successfully in applications ranging from combustion control to pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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