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New High Performance Soil Reinforcement for Roads, Bridges and Slopes Endorsed by BBA Certification


Source: Tensar International Corporation.

Tensar International’s newly developed RE500 series of uniaxial geogrids have been awarded British Board of Agrément Certification* for roads, bridge abutments, retaining walls, slopes and embankments in UK highway construction. RE500 uniaxial geogrids show significant long term strength improvements to create potentially lower cost structures for clients.

“Independent BBA endorsement of our RE500 uniaxial geogrid performance data provides important assurance to specifiers, contractors and clients in the UK, Europe and throughout Africa and Asia,” comments Peter Wills, Tensar Structural Solutions Group Manager.

“With the RE500, the long term design strength has been improved by up to 17% compared with our existing uniaxial geogrids, with more efficient use of polymer. There is now the potential to further reduce the cost of soil structures for our customers.

“Our investment in continuous geogrid development has again delivered improved benefits, and the validity of the performance data we use to make our design recommendations has been supported by an internationally recognised third party.”

The six new RE500 grades will now be offered to replace four existing grades of Tensar uniaxial grids (40RE, 55RE, 80RE and 120RE ), covering a greater range of performance specification requirements. Tensar International’s uniaxial geogrids are used within Tensartech earth retaining systems for retaining walls, bridge abutments, thick Geocell foundation mattresses and steep slopes. These systems are widely used on a range of construction applications including major road and rail infrastructure schemes.

For further information and a copy of the Tensartech Earth Retaining Systems brochure, please visit www.tensar.co.uk/onlinetools/download brochures.

* British Board of Agrément Certificate No.s 99/R109/1, 99/R109/2, 99/R113/1

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