United Manufacturing International 2000 Activated Carbon

New HoneyComb Activated Carbon Block

For vapor phase adsorption applications

July 30th 2013 -- UMI-2000 is the only supplier in the USA of this new Honeycomb Activated Carbon product that will revolutionize vapor phase adsorption applications in industry.  A patented process produces this extruded carbon block product with superior adsorptive capacity, high Butane Working Capacity and easily desorbed with heat and vacuum.  Suitable for VOC adsorption from paint spray booths, NOx exhaust adsorption, odor control at WWTPs, Air Stripper off-gas - UMI-2000 can size, design and build all sizes of vapor phase adsorption filter vessels, pack with carbon block and ship to any site in the USA, HI and Guam.  Then when it comes time to service your adsorber(s) we are able to mobilize crews nationwide to your site, change-out the activated carbon and install virgin filter materials.   

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