New hydrofracturing book published by NGWA Press


An Introduction to Water Well Hydrofracturing: A Form of Well Development and Cleaning, was recently published by the Association under its NGWA Press label. Authored by Stuart A. Smith, CGWP, and Allen E. Comeskey, CPG, the book is an update of the text Smith authored in 1989 titled Manual of Hydraulic Fracturing for Well Stimulation and Geologic Studies.

The new book discusses how hydrofracturing is now an established method for well development and transmissivity enhancement, its use for large-scale public water supplies, state regulations, and safety and sanitation. Available for purchase in the NGWA Bookstore, the cost is $30 for NGWA members and $40 for nonmembers. It will also be available December 6-8 at the Groundwater Week bookstore in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Smith and Comeskey participated recently in an interview that appears in the Water Well Journal® December 2016 issue. In it, they talk about what they hope readers will take away from the book, the significant changes since the first book was published, the state of water well hydrofracturing and its key issues today, the misconceptions about the process, and its future as a tool for contractors. Click here to read the interview.

On a related note, NGWA will be hosting its biennial conference on fractured rock and groundwater October 2-3, 2017 in Burlington, Vermont. Attendees will receive a synopsis on the use of innovative techniques, cutting-edge research, and lessons learned from practical experience regarding characterizing and remediating groundwater in fractured rock environments. Click here for more information, including details on how to submit an abstract.

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