New, Improved eXact Chlorine Photometer


Source: Industrial Test Systems, Inc.

Exact, economical and fast water quality results without all the guesswork

Rock Hill, South Carolina – Testing for EPA-compliant Free and Total Chlorine levels (4500 CL-G) became easier. Announcing the eXact® Chlorine Photometer Kit, the latest product from ITS, is designed for residential, commercial, and municipal testing of accurate chlorine levels in water. The kit (486696-PC) includes the new and improved eXact® Chlorine Photometer that directly tests Free and Total Chlorine at an expanded range of 0.01-11.0 ppm. The photometer uses a patented method utilizing eXact® Micro reagent strip technology, eliminating the need for powders, tablets, and liquids – saving the user time and money. It provides fast, accurate results without the guesswork of color matching and meets 4500-CL-G requirement. The waterproof meter (IP-67) fits comfortably in your hand has a built in sampling cell and comes with a 5 (five) year warranty. The kit also includes 100 eXact® Micro Free Chlorine strips (DPD-1), 100 eXact® Micro Total Chlorine strips (DPD-3), carry case and batteries.

For more information on the eXact® Chlorine Photometer Kit and other testing products please click here or call 800-861-9712 to discuss your testing requirements.

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