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New investment in New Zealand`s climate change research


Source: New Zealand Government

Agriculture and Forestry Minister David Carter has announced over AUS$10 million in funding for research projects designed to help the agriculture and forestry sectors adapt and respond to climate change. Mr Carter said research into new technologies that improve efficiency of production while reducing greenhouse gas emissions was vital to maintaining and building upon New Zealand's world class primary sector. 'This research is focussed in areas that will generate innovation and technological breakthroughs. Creating conditions for continual innovation in agricultural and forestry techniques will see New Zealand farmers and foresters meeting expectations at home and from overseas markets.

'The Government is committed to substantial investment in finding solutions to combat climate change, especially by way of research in the agriculture sector.

'Research such as this will be at the very heart of New Zealand being able to effectively respond to the challenges posed by climate change.

'The projects are truly world-class and stand to be highly advantageous to New Zealand.'

The work will be funded under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry's (MAF) Sustainable Land Management and Climate Change initiative.

Research projects that have been awarded grants in this round include technologies for reducing methane emissions from dairy animals, assessing the impacts of climate change on international trade, and examination of the effects of climate change on wind, fire and drought conditions for agriculture and forestry production.

'MAF and the Foundation for Research Science and Technology, who administer the funding, set tough standards for the research which ensures that it is targeted and designed to return a benefit to New Zealand in the short or medium term.'

The funding announced today will be distributed over the next three years.

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