New low cost alarming and data logging products from ADS


Source: ADS Environmental Services

Three new products from ADS offer innovative solutions to data logging and alarming with low cost and high technology. The new ADS® FlowAlert™ is a depth-based alarm system offering an economical alternative for wastewater collection system monitoring. This new wireless alarming system supports both float switches and a depth sensor. It can be deployed as a stand-alone unit or as part of a comprehensive flow monitoring network. No confined space entry or proprietary software required for event notification. 

The new ADS RainAlert IITM is a low-cost wireless rain gauge that alerts operators via text or email messages when rainfall intensity exceeds a critical threshold. The flexible and strategic alarming options in the RainAlert II tailor it to customer applications and local conditions. It is easy to use and provides rainfall logging, event notification, and reduced field labor through its long battery life and remotely managed diagnostics.

The new ADS Spider™ is an easy-to-use, place-anywhere, data logging and alarm monitoring system for broad application including water and sewer pumping stations, CSOs, and stormwater monitoring. It has an optional battery pack, remote data access and customer-driven notification specifications. The ADS Spider is a stand-alone, compact, single-box system that requires no user software. It operates from a sophisticated Web server built-in to the monitor.

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