New Mega Mills for large and heavy parts


Source: Hellweg Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

Hellweg Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG presented at FAKUMA 2005 the new 600 series granulator ('Mega Mill') for the first time. The new granulators round off the product range at the top end. They are characterised by the extremely high stability of the entire machine housing. The high moment of gyration of the rotor, that is machined out of one single piece of metal, guarantees gentle and thorough granulation of thick-walled mouldings, sheets, sprue cakes, pipes and profiles, etc. An open version of the rotor is used for the purpose of optimum feeding when granulating hollow items, that for example arise as start-up waste in the blow moulding industry. A special closed version rotor enables single-stage granulation of even huge start-up lumps.

Bernd Hellweg, Managing Director says: 'Granulation of heavy to very heavy plastic parts requires extremely stabile and reliable granulating mills. The new series 600 granulator fulfills these requirements to a high degree. Apart from that, the machines are excellently suited for granulation of large volume or large surface area plastic parts, for example those from the automotive industry, such as bumpers, plastic tanks, door interior trim or material streams from dismounting of cars at the end of their life'.

The throughput performance of the 600 series granulators depends essentially on the material to be granulated and the sieve perforation size used and lies approx. in the range of 750-2,500 kg/h. The drive power lies in a range of 45-75 kW when the rotor is rotating at approx. 490 min-1. The working width amounts to 1,000 mm with a rotor diameter of 600 mm. The number of rotor blades lies in the range of 3-7 for 2 fixed blades. The overall weight amounts to approx. 4,500 kg. The machines can also be supplied with options of a noise protection cabin as well as a noise absorbent feeding shaft.

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