New Model 300 Roundaire Cleanable Fume Extractor


Source: Sentry Air Systems, Inc.

August 2013 - Houston -- Sentry Air Systems Model 300 Roundaire is a mobile source-capture fume extraction system that helps protect the operator’s breathing zone from harmful airborne fumes and particulates found in many industrial settings due to welding, metal working, solvents, powder handling and chemicals. The Model 300 Roundaire offers greater capture area by utilizing a round filter and avoiding corner dead space commonly found in non-round units. This unit is available with two arm options, both of which are constructed out of flame-retardant materials perfect for high heat welding applications. The Model 300 Roundaire does not require air ducts to the outside and can be easily rolled across the workspace or across the street.

Cleanable filters mean lower maintenance costs. The second unit in Sentry’s line of cleanable fume extraction systems, the Model 300 Roundaire, is equipped with a Micro-Pleat Series 2 Filter that is cleaned by applying pressurized air to the filter while still in the unit’s chassis. An internal dust pan collects the waste which can easily be disposed by removing the dust pan. Depending on application and amount of use, a standard non-cleanable filter may need to be replaced up to four times per year. The cleanable, reusable filters in the Model 300 Roundaire mean lower annual filter replacement costs. The first unit in Sentry’s line of cleanable systems is the Model 500 Industrial Fume Extractor.

Round design offers greater filter surface area. Due to the round filter design, the Model 300 Roundaire offers greater filter media surface area; ensuring pollutants are arrested at the source before they contaminate the larger work space. The Model 300 Roundaire filter collects particles as small as bacteria, meeting the EPA’s MERV 16 standard suggested for general surgery suites, a higher standard than required in many industrial settings.

Small footprint allows placement in tight work areas. With a diameter of 24.75 inches, the Model 300 Roundaire is well-suited for small, cramped or constrained workspaces. Even in larger, more open settings the unit’s design complements standard-depth workbenches by not jutting out beyond the bench which would take up valuable workspace. Weighing approximately 72 lbs, the Model 300 Roundaire has an attached portability handle and heavy-duty locking casters making moving the unit virtually effortless.

“Greener” electrical output equals low annual runtime costs. The Model 300 Roundaire is highly cost-efficient. While in use the unit emits approximately 2 amps equaling an estimated annual runtime cost of $66.98*. Similar products range anywhere from 7.5 – 16 amps which estimate an annual runtime cost of $251.16 - $538.81*, respectively. This minimal runtime cost coupled with low filter replacement costs make the Model 300 Roundaire a great solution to those looking for cost-efficient, highly-effective fume extraction systems. *Costs based on 8 hours per day, 5 days per week, 52 weeks per year at $0.14 per kWh using 115 volts.

Standard features offer easier use and maintenance. The Model 300 Roundaire comes standard with a Variable Speed Control and Magnehelic Gage. The Variable Speed Control allows greater power flexibility over typical on/off switches. The Magnehelic Gage measures differential air pressure within the fan/filter chassis. When the filter becomes full, it is noted on the gage by an increase in inches of water. This allows users to better track filter effectiveness and let them know when it is time to clean the filter.

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