New Monster Separation System™ Technology Added


Source: JWC Environmental

Costa Mesa, CA – Wastewater facility managers and consulting engineers now have a single source for high quality screens, compactors and grit removal equipment. JWC Environmental’s Monster Separation System can now incorporate a highly-reliable vortex grit removal system named Grit Monster™, or a robust bar screen called Catenary Monster™. JWC signed an agreement this week with Mabarex Inc. of Montreal, Canada to license the technologies.

“Our goal is to provide customers the most appropriate separation system to suit their needs,” said Ron Duecker, JWC’s President. “The Companies share many synergies and the addition of these complimentary technologies to JWC’s Monster Separation System creates a powerhouse offering for the wastewater industry.”

“We are very happy to be associated with a trusted company that built such a highly recognized brand name,” said Louis Barré, President of Mabarex Inc. “This agreement will be quickly beneficial to the clients and representatives of JWC Environmental.”

Monster Separation System consists of a fine screen with 2, 3 or 6mm openings for solids removal followed by the award-winning Screenings Washer Monster® for washing and compacting. The separation system captures and removes a higher percentage of unwanted solids and produces a cleaner and drier discharge plug. The patented SWM incorporates a grinder with dual wash water systems to ensure the cleanest discharged screenings possible, as well as reducing odors and landfill costs.

The Grit Monster incorporates a proven vortex swirl concentrator and the choice of an air-lift pump or a specialized grit pump to remove fine particulate such as sand, gravel, coffee grinds and egg shells. Grit is transferred to a rugged grit classifier for cleaning and dewatering. Left in the flow grit causes costly damage to downstream processes and will lead to premature wear and breakdowns. Grit Monster uses a low-speed agitator with adjustable paddles to ensure consistent grit removal across a wide variety of flows, while also producing a clean and dry discharge ready for the landfill.

The Catenary Monster is a mechanically raked bar screen with decades of proven performance in the wastewater industry. The drive shaft is positioned at the top of the screen so there are no bearings, shafts or sprockets submerged in the wastewater flow. This ensures reliable operation in continuous operation or during sudden surges of flow and debris. The screen is custom made for each site and can fit in large channels up to 16’ wide (5m) and almost any depth. Raw screenings are dropped or conveyed into the Screenings Washer Monster for cleaning, compacting and dewatering.

“With one call to JWC, you get the total package for preliminary treatment – including design work, manufacturing, start-up, service and support,” said Kenny Oyler, JWC’s MSS Product Manager. “I think the industry will appreciate having one team of experts to call for help.”

The license agreement covers projects in the United States and Japan. In 2006 the Monster Separation System was awarded the Innovative Technology Award in the Solids Handling category by the Water Environment Federation. Over the last 34 years, JWC has won a total of four Innovative Technology Awards from WEF, more than any other wastewater manufacturer.

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