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New Multi-bottle Transportable Refrigerated Sampler


Source: Teledyne ISCO

Advanced control and active cooling – on battery power

Teledyne Isco’s Avalanche™ is a multi-bottle, sequential/composite water sampler featuring Isco's revolutionary transportable refrigeration system and an advanced, multifunction controller. Its unique design provides easy transport, quick setup, and on-site cooling – without reliance on ice or utility power. An optional Mobility Kit with pneumatic tires lets you wheel Avalanche even over rough terrain to remote sampling sites.

Avalanche is ideal as a stormwater sampler as well as for TMDL, watershed monitoring, pretreatment compliance, and other mobile sampling applications requiring accurate sample preservation, versatile control, and flexible, reliable data handling.

In the field, Avalanche delivers 48 hours or more of refrigeration from a 12 volt deep cycle battery, which mounts conveniently on the wheeled cart. Its power-saving system begins cooling when the first sample is drawn. Avalanche can wait patiently for days or weeks to collect event-triggered samples, dial out an alarm/notification on its optional modem, and then preserve the samples until they are retrieved. Avalanche also runs on either 115 or 230 VAC.

The Avalanche controller offers all of the control, expansion, and data management options available with Teledyne Isco's 6712 Samplers, including:

• Plug-in flow measurement modules eliminate the need for a separate flowmeter.

• Direct-connect rain gauge, and SDI-12 connection to multi-parameter sondes enable comprehensive runoff and non-point-source monitoring.

• High-capacity data logging and Teledyne Isco's Flowlink Software provide the tools for sophisticated analysis and reports.

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