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New Ozone Primary Transfer Standard SONIMIX 4001 with extended range.


Source: LNI Swissgas SA

LNI Swissgas SA, based in Geneva has developed a new Ozone Primary transfer standard : the SONIMIX 4001. This generator is available in two models: 10 ppb to 1 ppm range with a flow rate of 3 L/min or with an extended range from 10 ppb to 10 ppm at 3 L/min plus 10 ppm to 35 ppm at 1 L/min.

This ozone generator can be delivered with 2 different options: with an internal Zero Air generator (including the compressor) that remove NO, NO2, O3 and as well as humidity from ambient air , it avoid the use of cumbersome Air cylinder. As the zero Air is working with the PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) principle, the filter will last much longer, only an annual maintenance is necessary. The second option consists in a humidifier that enable to generate Ozone on an humid matrix and test if the Ozone analyser under test is sensible or not to humidity.

The device is available in a portable casing. With its user friendly LCD display, it offers an intuitive interface. All functioning parameters can be easily followed and a multi-points linearization menu is available to link the device to the national standards.

The SONIMIX 4001 is the perfect instrument to check the Ozone Monitors, not only on the Air Pollution monitoring networks (ppb level) but also in industries, who measure at much higher concentrations (ppm)

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