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New Partnership Offers Global Savings for Wastewater Treatment Solutions


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Typically, most wastewater treatment plant are designed and built to have at least three important stages, called:

Primary Treatment Stage  First, the solids are separated from the wastewater stream. Devise Engineering S.A. provides the Primary Treatment design and engineering expertise. 


Secondary Treatment  Stage Then dissolved biological matter is progressively converted into a solid mass by using indigenous, water-borne bacteria. EEC Europe Ltd provides the proven AMB Biological  process technology for this important biological stage This can be in the form of a compact ‘packaged plant’ or as an enhanced ASP with concrete basins, depending on the volume of wastewater to be treated and the requirements for the clients final effluent quality.

Tertiary Treatment Stage Finally, the biological solids are neutralized then disposed of or re-used, and the treated water may be disinfected chemically or physically (for example by lagooning and micro-filtration). The final effluent can be discharged into a stream, river, bay, lagoon or wetland, or it can be used for the irrigation of a golf course, greenway or park. (Devise Engineering S.A. provides the Tertiary design and engineering expertise)


Once the design of the process and the operating plant has been completed the plant is built either as a compact modular unit in an approved EEC Europe Ltd factory and is delivered to the end-user ‘ready to use’  or the plant is built on-site using experienced contractor MESOGIOS S.A  to carry out  the all-important Civil-Works before completing the installation commissioning and testing of your wastewater treatment plant.


The skills within the partnership cover every step in building an efficient wastewater treatment plant. Whether in research and development, engineering and design, project management, the commissioning of facilities, or related services, the range of expertise in this partnership grows continuously. Innovation, precision, profesionalism and team spirit are our core values.


This new partnership forms a bridge between a competitive and dynamic economy and sustainable development. The Global marketplace for environmental products and services has been estimated by the UK Government at $ 515 billion which is the equivalent of the World aeropspace or pharmaceutical markets.


Design & Build Of Turnkey Plants

The partnership can handle all construction projects – a complete plant or treatment system, or plant refurbishment or extension. The partnership designs and builds:


  • Water and wastewater treatment plants for Cities, Towns, Small Communities worldwide.
  • Small plants adapted to the needs of rural or semi-rural communities.
  • Complete or partial process water and industrial effluent treatment plants

The partnership also takes charge of supervision and commissioning all facilities and systems. Our services are directed to:

  • Public Works Contractors (large scale projects)
  • Public Sector (Local Authorities, Muncipalities)
  • Private Industry (Chemical, Food & Drink Industry, Oil Refineries, Waste Recycling Industry)
  • Tourist & Leisure Industry

Cost Savings & Benefits

This new partnership will make savings for many organisations for example in their wastewater activities by reducing costly municipal wastewater treatment costs, solid waste treatment,  re-use of water, making processes more efficient,  thereby benefiting the end-users bottom line and offering a better water environment.


This partnership makes good sense and has proven that pollution prevention pays. In addition to cost savings, increased profits, and a cleaner environment, with improved access to technical knowledge. Customers benefit from a real commercial and technical partnership with access to a complete range of services including:


  • Technical support.
  • Unique AMB (Assisted Moving Bed) biological process.
  • Consulting and evaluation.
  • Packaged plants.
  • Customised systems.
  • Process design
  • Plant design and construction.
  • Execution of “Turnkey Projects “
  • Project viability studies.
  • Progress monitoring.
  • Process testing and quality control
  • Contract civil engineering services
  • General specification of works.
  • Detail specification of plant and equipment.
  • Detailed engineering (M&E) of clean & wastewater treatment works, landfill plants, refuse recycling and industrial installations
  • Plant erection supervision.
  • Plant performance testing.
  • On-site troubleshooting.
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Easy installation.
  • Low operating costs.

The technical efficiency of our wastewater treatment systems with re-use final effluent keeps wastewater volumes down and thereby reduces your costs.


Our Moving Bed Process versus other methods


All sewage treatment depends on a natural breakdown of organic matter and the activated sludge process where air or oxygen is pumped into the wastewater to increase the feeding rate to the biomass.


Our process is an advanced more compact and much more controllable with several benefits over other conventional biological processes.


  • It has a high active biomass which is alive in the reactor and actively working for you.
  • It is much more compact compared with other methods. This means a reduction in the volume of the biological reactor because is uses a support or carrier that gives a high specific surface.
  • There is no need for recirculation and costly pumping costs. This gives rise to the fact that the biomass does not depend on the final separation of the sludge and as a result  typical problems found in conventional activated sludge processes related to the sedimentation properties of the sludge (filamentous bulking etc).
  • It is much more flexible since it is based on the percentage of plastic support (carriers) used in the reactor and the surface can be modified and as a consequence the efficiency of the process.
  • The biomass is specific and under strict control when used for aerobic and anoxic/anaerobic systems, with a specific type of bacteria selected for each stage of the process. Experimentally it has been confirmed that It is more efficient at sludge separation due to the sludge concentrations being much lower.
  • The operation and control is simple for this type of process.

Dennis Hunter CEnv.

Chartered Environmentalist EEC Europe Ltd. April 2007

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