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New Platform for Nano Engineered Structures


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Sanford, FL – Argonide Corporation, a Florida based company, has announced its latest development in nano engineered technology (“NET”). Using NanoCeram® their patented electropositive nonwoven filter media as a platform, they are now able to load a wide range of nanopowders into the sheet.

The first innovation of the new technology uses powdered activated carbon (PAC) as the attached particle, producing a high performance activated carbon filter. Laboratory testing with flowing streams of iodine show that the filter has extraordinary dynamic adsorption capacity. When challenged by a flowing solution containing 20 ppm (parts per million) iodine, a single sheet can retain 180 times more iodine solution than commercial media before the effluent reaches 1/2 ppm. This is a threshold beyond which iodine can generally be tasted or smelled. Typically granular activated carbon is used in commercial media, but it is widely recognized that it is not as dynamically effective as PAC. Unfortunately, PAC can’t be retained in a non-woven media without the use of foams, binders or adhesives and they tend to occlude and deactivate the carbon. Argonide’s new technology circumvents this limitation.

In addition to PAC, other powders have been attached to a non-woven media, including: fumed silica, (10 nanometers), nano titanium dioxide, a photo-catalyst, Carulite®, an oxidation catalyst, nano carbon, and RNA, a very small biological particle. According to Fred Tepper, President of Argonide, “Nanopowders, with their very large surface area, can be suspended in a non-woven fibrous web in a way that would allow them to be more interactive with the fluid in which the media is suspended and therefore much more efficient in their function”. Potential applications include: attaching antibodies for bio-detection, to attach bacteria as in membrane bioreactors, sorbents dedicated to remove a specific contaminant, incorporating antimicrobials and healing factors in wound dressings and for producing more efficient precious metal or biological catalysts.

Test samples of experimental non-woven media could be produced to customer order. Should the application prove practical, scale-up of customized NanoCeram-NET™ media would be manufactured by Ahlstrom. Ahlstrom has an exclusive license to sell Argonide’s filter media under the name Disruptor™.

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