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New, Portable, Human Vibration Analyzer

Hand-tools, machinery, and heavy vehicles cause vibration, the harmfulness of which depends on its intensity and frequency content, and the time of exposure. Human Vibration Analyzer Type 4447 was developed and designed on the basis of input from several groups concerned about human vibration from manufacturers of building machinery to medical institutions. It is perfect for those working with human vibration and who require quick and reliable results. Making measurements cannot be easier as only the necessary parameters required by EU Directive 2002/44/EC are calculated.

Type 4447 is a portable system for acquisition, measurement and evaluation of human vibration. It is designed to meet the requirements of those who wish to monitor and reduce the exposure of human operators to the harmful influences of such vibration. It is delivered together with a SW package for calculation of vibration exposure to check the action values and limit values as stated in the EU Directive. Features include:

  • Compact, stand-alone instrument with an internal power source 
  • Versatile graphics display for control of the instrument and analysis of results 
  • One single transducer for general measurements of Hand-arm vibration and Whole body vibration
  • Seat pad, hand adaptor, handle adaptor, and cube adaptor for direct fixation
  • Ideal for field-work, only four buttons for control of functions
  • All necessary data displayed for instant assessment of exposure to vibration
  • USB connection to a computer for archiving and post process of the data to calculate vibration doses
  • Risk assessment following the good practice guide for human vibration


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