New portable water quality profilers


Source: Xylem Analytics

Xylem Analytics has announced the launch of a new range of portable multiparameter water quality meters that have been designed for spot measurements and profiling of pH, ORP, conductivity, temperature, depth and optical dissolved oxygen, in both marine and freshwater applications.

The new WTW MPP 900 IDS Multiparameter Sondes are able to take measurements at depths of up to 100m because of the IDS (intelligent digital sensors) technology which means that sensor output is converted to a digital signal within the sensors, so that data can be transmitted for longer distances without interference.

A further advantage of the IDS technology is that each sensor has its own identity which is recognised immediately by the meter when connected. In addition, calibration history is stored in the sensor which helps to further reduce any potential for error, and enables users to quickly switch sensors when necessary. Reinforced cables are available in lengths between 1.5m and 100m.

There are two versions of the new meter, both with a built-in depth sensor. The MPP 910 IDS has a single sensor port and the MPP 930 IDS has three sensor ports. All sensors also measure temperature and are used with the rugged Multi 3430 handheld meter.

Sales and Marketing Director Darren Hanson says: “The MPP900 instruments are an exciting addition to the range of portable water quality monitors offered by Xylem Analytics; with a built-in depth monitor and digital sensors the MPP900 is ideal for limnology and represents a lower cost alternative to the EXO multiparameter water quality logging sondes.”

Xylem Analytics UK manufactures environmental monitoring instruments and systems. Formerly known as YSI, the group is a market leader with a reputation for high levels of accuracy and reliability. The company’s water quality measuring instruments are designed for both laboratory and field use. In addition to bench top and hand-held instruments, Xylem Analytics also builds monitoring systems and wireless networks that are able to operate in remote locations and challenging environments. The company’s water quality monitoring sondes can be fitted with a wide variety of sensors including dissolved oxygen, PH, temperature, turbidity , conductivity, salinity, ORP, chlorophyll, open-channel flow, vented level, ammonia, chloride, rhodamine, depth photo synthetically active radiation.

Xylem brands represented include YSI, SONTEK, AANDERAA and WTW.

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