New postprocessing software for StructureScan Mini


Source: Geomorph Instruments

RADAN for StructureScan Mini is a post-processing software package for the StructureScan Mini Series. It is designed to process, view, and document 2D and 3D data collected with the StructureScan Mini and StructureScan Mini HR. The software features bold and intuitive menu screens and clear data views for easy interpretation and enhanced post-processing capabilities. Data Processing and Annotation

  • New - Processing of 3D data sets collected with the StructureScan Mini and Mini HR
  • New - 3D target input – customize and color of targets
  • New - Virtual 3D borehole
  • Multiple color table and transform options
  • Windows® 7 based user-interface Visualization
  • New- Data Migration (focusing)
  • Background Removal filtering
  • Gain (Contrast) Control
  • Use Ground Truth for accurate depth calculations

Report Building

  • New- Report Writer – custom report output using MS Excel
  • Copy data images to third party software for documentation purposes
  • Add targets as colored circles and export target information in an Excel format
  • Save data images as a JPG file
  • Print to all Windows supported printers

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