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New Power Unit for MKII Baler


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In recent years Gradeall has been working with a trusted manufacturer of hydraulic components and control units to provide our portable and static compactors with a dependable, efficient, easy to operate intelligent control system.

The MKII tyre baler in a response to feedback from our customers is now the latest machine in our range to receive an up to date control system. Any MKII tyre baler built from 2018 onwards will feature this new control system.

Advantages of the revised MKII tyre baler controls are:

  • Key switch to turn on/off the baler to prevent unauthorised access.

  • Quiet operating pump and motor
  • Easy to operate intuitive controls

  • Additional warning lights. Machine ready, door open, flashing bale full light, and error lamp. Gives a better indication of what the machine is doing and provides a quicker diagnosis of problems.
  • Automatic head positioning when the baler is full. The baler will automatically perform an additional press stroke with increased pressing force to enable easier bale tying.
  • The lower hydraulically operated door lock mechanisms now feature check valves, this ensures that in the event of an unexpected hydraulic failure the doors will not suddenly open.

Safe tyre recycling

  • Relocation of most hydraulic valves and components to under the power unit cover, this prevents unintentional damage and makes the maintenance process much easier.
  • A remote monitoring system, the MKII tyre baler equivalent to the intelli-fill system fitted to our range of waste compactors. This allows Gradeall to provide remote diagnosis. Servicing based on machine usage rather than by calendar month is also possible. (This system requires the customer to provide their own sim card and is subject to network operator costs, Signal coverage may also vary).

further improvements

The MKII tyre baler has also been revised to increase its already well-regarded longevity.

The bale head now features two guides which ensure it travels in a purely vertical trajectory. When ejecting a bale the head is no longer inclined to lean outwards. The end result of this improvement is that the head guide plastics and hydraulic ram seals will last much longer.

Tyre baler controls

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