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New Product Alert: Air-conditioning recycling


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Air-conditioning recycling

The ATN 4 BK-PT is designed for the degassing of all types of industrial cooling devices. With a condensing capacity of 60 KG refrigerant per Hour it is the biggest machine of his kind. Large scale degassing of air-conditioning units, all kinds of fending machines and other industrial cooling and freezing equipment is demanded more and more. With this new ATN 4 BK-PT it is possible to degas even quicker than the gas is able to evaporate. Extra heating units speed up the process of evaporation.

The condensing capacity of the ATN 4 BK-PT is with 60 KG per Hour enough to maximize the capacity of your degassing facility. It is also possible to degas the units in badges in order to reclaim the refrigerant as a mono-stream for reuse. By pushing a button on the display of the machine you can change the tank after the machine has emptied itself. Up to four tanks on four weight scales can be connected to the machine. Each for a specific type of refrigerant. Four drill-heads enables the operator to de-oil the compressor in the fastest possible way.

An operator is required to make the connection between the cooling device and the ATN 4 BK-PT. After the connection is established the machine takes over the control of the degassing cycle. The liquefied gas is conveyed into the designated tank. The cooling device will be vacuumed in order to reach the highest possible efficiency for the degassing. For safety reasons the drill-head can only be used in combination with the piercing device or the service connections of the cooling device.

The machine is designed for all types of refrigerant (NH3 excluded).

Please check our new photoalbum of our new airco-recycling machine!

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