New Product Announcement for Primary Treatment: Salsnes


Source: Nexom

Blue Water Technologies, Inc. announced today they have been selected as the exclusive distributor in the United States for the Salsnes Filter. Salsnes, a 15-year old company headquartered in Norway, has hundreds of installations around the world. 

The Salsnes Filter is an exciting new product for primary treatment in a wastewater plant.  The filter removes 60% TSS and 30% BOD.  This system has a very small footprint and is easy to install and operate.  The filter system solves a critical problem in the wastewater industry, increasing capacity. The capital and operation costs of the filter are extremely attractive in comparison to other options for increasing a treatment plant’s capacity.

The Norwegian company, headed by Ivar Solvi, has a dozen installations in Canada but only a couple in the US. Blue Water will roll out four pilot units in 2007.

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