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New Rack Mount Heated FID for stack testers and systems integrators


Source: J.U.M. Engineering GmbH

This new Model 3-500  heated FID hydrocarbon analyzer fully complies  with EN 12619 and EN 13526 for Europe, with TA-Luft, 2nd, 13th, and 17th BImSchV for Germany and with EPA Methods 25A and 305 for the USA.

As an attractive low cost alternative to the quite expensive FID analyzers of today's choices for stack emission testing and process  applications, a new, compact heated FID analyzer was developed on one of  our longest time proven analyzer platforms.  The heated sample filter which  can be changed very easily is accessible on the rear panel. With its  microprocessor controlled direct reading ppm a RS 232 data output comes  standard. The 24 bit A/D converter resolution allows to read accurate  concentration over 3 decades without range changing. For example, in the 0 to  1000 ppm range, a 1.54 ppm concentration still reads accurately. A built in  combustion air generator is standard and saves thousands of $ or € per year.  This heated FID is successfully sells in the USA and Asia for over 1 year and is  available immediately for the European market too. A 24 months of warranty is  standard.

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