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New Range of Portable Arsenic Test Kits


Source: Palintest Ltd - a Halma Company

The new DigiPAsS and VisuPAsS systems from Palintest Ltd offer accurate, laboratory-standard testing in a portable field kit format. Both options use the well-established Gutzeit method to detect Arsenic levels in drinking water, up to and well beyond the WHO recommended maximum of 10 mg/l. The method used first converts all Arsenic in a sample to Arsine gas, which is then completely captured by the unique three-stage filter to ensure excellent accuracy with no toxic gas release over the 20 minute reaction time. The result can be assessed either visually against a colour chart (100 - 500 mg/l) or analyzed by the dedicated DigiPAsS instrument with accuracy and precision across the 2-100 mg/l range comparable to AAS. The simplicity of the VisuPAsS system makes it especially suitable for more challenging environments, or where costs must be kept to a minimum. Arsenic is a naturally occurring contaminant of drinking water in several areas of the world, and even at very low concentrations it causes a variety of serious conditions known collectively as arsenicosis. Symptoms may not even appear until after many accumulated years of drinking contaminated water. The need for accurate testing at low concentrations is therefore vital to continued water safety, and these new Arsenic test kits from Palintest Ltd offer laboratory quality analysis for on the spot verification.

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