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New Range of Sterlitech Vacuum Filtration Equipment from Rocker Scientific


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Sterlitech has been collaborating with renowned global names in the filtration industry for the past decade. Our most recent partnership is with Rocker Scientific, a Taiwan-based manufacturer of filtration products with a global sales network, to offer a complete range of vacuum filtration equipment. Ultimately, this partnership will help us meet your laboratory needs. To know how, you may read our Press Release.

In this regard, the additional Sterlitech vacuum filtration products that we now offer are as follows:

Vacuum Pumps

Consisting of high-quality vacuum pumps for different applications, these product range provides useful features including oil-free and low maintenance, compact and portable, high-pressure, and chemical resistant designs. Selected model variants come with ProteTM Overflow Protection for spill prevention.

Filter Holders

These selections consist of filter holders and assemblies suitable for a wide range of filtration applications. Product range includes:

  • Glass filter holders: Composed of parts made from the traditional borosilicate glass, products from this range are made to be reusable, easy-to-clean, and chemical-resistant. Filter holders consist of funnel, clamp, base, and stopper. Assemblies include flasks and adaptors.
  • Plastic filter holders: Made of highly rigid, chemical-resistant, and transparent PES and PS polymers, selections include clamp-less filter holders for fast and stable assembly. Variants come with strong magnetic seal, spin-lock seal, or as unibody analytical funnels.
  • Stainless steel filter holders: Constructed from durable and heat-resistant stainless steel, this range is suitable for consecutive flame sterilization and autoclaving with the membrane in place. Also available as multibranch stainless steel manifolds.

Vacuum Filtration Kits

Our vacuum filtration kits are complete and modular sets of vacuum pumps, single or multibranch filter holders, and receiving flasks. Kit options are designed for solvent purification, microbiological testing, water testing, cell culture aspirations, and chemically aggressive applications. All-purpose vacuum filtration kits are also available for general applications.

In addition to these excellent vacuum filtration kits, we also offer compact COD Detector and Reactor kits which are ideal for onsite wastewater testing and environmental monitoring.

To see our complete list of new product offerings, visit our Vacuum PumpsVacuum Filter Holders, and COD Reactor pages.

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