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New revolutionary Sludge Dewatering Separator (SDS)


Source: Faroe Maritime Technic (FMT)

The system removes all water from oily sludge
Denmark, July 2012 --

Now there is good news to all those who have to handle hydrous oily sludge, both on land and at sea.

Faroe Maritime Technic (FMT), have during the latest 9 months developed and tested a prototype, to separate free and emulsified water from oily-sludge.

The system was originally a book up task from a large Danish shipping company, who wanted a total solution, to remove all the water, which is typically in various sludge tanks aboard their ships in an environmentally friendly manner. Since the company could not find any acceptable solution on the market, FMT was assigned to the task, through an already well-run cooperation.

In May 2012 the prototype was mounted on an experimental ship, and after commissioning, could both FMT and the company noted that The SDS was a success.

To test the SDS, it dealt with contents from all tanks that contained sludge of different kinds of oil. The result was that after a three week trial run, they had processed all sludge aboard.

Systems success criteria specified by the Danish shipping Company were:

- Fully automatic operation, with minimum maintenance

- Shall handle up to 1200 liters of sludge per day.

- The moisture content of the oil can be regulated as

required, completely down to 0%.

- Environmentally friendly with minimal energy consumption.

Taken in consideration that empirical data show that there are around 50-70% water content in the Sludge landed, the SDS will saves the company a lot of money. The SDS will also sharpening the Company “Green Profile“, by treating the Sludge in an environmental friendly way.

 FMT and the Danish shipping company have signed a contract on delivering the SDS to a number of their ships in first place. The first systems will be produced as early as August 2012.

The patent pending SDS can also be expanded to handle Clean Bilge water as well.

For more information please contact:

Rasmus Magnussen

Sales manager

Tel 00298211200

Mail: rm@fmt.fo


Customer comments

  1. By Rasmus Magnussen on

    The goal for FMT is to protect the environment from accidental oil spill. We do this by developing and producing simple, safe, operation and maintenance-free products. It is a matter of fact, the worse the equipment operates, more tempted are the staff to bypass the system and pomp the oily content overboard instead of process it. We now have a total solution for treating Sludge and oily contaminated Bilge Water both on sea and land. Please comment if you feel for it.

  2. By Rasmus Magnussen on

    Hello Last week, has been the busiest in our history - The interest in our products has been overwhelming, especially from you here at “Environmental Expert”. We have received many inquiries regarding - What is so revolutionary with the Sludge Dewatering Separator. Here is the short variation: The Sludge Dewatering Separator is a compact, economical and environmentally friendly system that e.g. easily can be installed in engine rooms on ships. The sludge - which is to be processed - is heated and pumped into a pre-settling system, where all free water and part of the emulsified water are separated from the sludge. The separated water goes to a tank and the settled oil is fed to the vacuum-process tank of the Sludge Dewatering Separator, where the rest of the emulsified water is boiled out of the oil (sludge). The vacuum process is tighdly controlled to the desired moisture content of the treated oil (sludge). This arrangement makes The New revolutionary Sludge Dewatering Separator After the test run aboard the test ship, we at The Faroe Maritime Technic has been through a short and hectic approach with the ” Large Danish Shipping ” company, which resulted in an order, that already has to be delivered in mid-august this year. > So no summer holiday < The SDS is scalable in capacity, according to the amount of sludge to be processed. We at The Faroe Maritime Technic see great potential for the use of The Sludge Dewatering System everywhere where there is a needed to separate water from Oily-Sludge. We presume that all Sludge similar to oily- sludge, can be processed by The Sludge Dewatering Separator. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.