New sample preparation system from Varian, Inc. improves throughput for routine NMR laboratories

Varian, Inc. (NasdaqGS: VARI) announced the release of the 7800-AP Sample Preparation System. The 7800-AP is an extremely flexible, fully automated sample purification/preparation system combining advanced robotics, solid phase extraction (SPE), HPLC separation, and collection to deliver purified, concentrated fractions into standard NMR tubes ready for analysis. The system may be adapted to a wide range of purification chemistries from complex separations(SPE-LC-SPE-NMR) to simple dissolve-and-dispense applications.

The 7800-AP improves productivity for scientists in metabolomics, natural products, and pharmaceutical research where complex samples often require purification and concentration by liquid chromatography (LC) and downstream processing of fractions for NMR analysis. By saving time on preparation and purification, more time is available for discovery and analysis.

The capability to pool and/or concentrate fractions prior to analysis increases sensitivity. The 7800-AP fully automates the entire NMR sample preparation workflow from raw samples to purified fractions reconstituted in NMR compliant solvents and tubes. While compatible with flow probes, the system allows users to purify and prepare samples offline. All aspects of operation are controlled by computer software using an intuitive interface that simplifies experiment design and configuration. A suite of standard methods is provided which, when combined with a wide selection of Varian purification columns, solid phase extraction cartridges and chemistries, provides an enormous range of sample purification and preparation capabilities.

'The 7800-AP combines Varian’s strengths in LC, sample preparation and magnetic resonance to enhance productivity for analytical chemists,' said Martin O’Donoghue, Senior Vice President, Scientific Instruments, Varian, Inc. 'Information rich detection now begins with automated sample preparation for high-throughput, routine NMR laboratories.'

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