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New sheer slitting, air conveying and filtering system for Owens Corning


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Following a recently formed partnership agreement with Impact Air Systems, Jarshire Limited has installed a comprehensive shear slitting, air conveying and filtering system on a Universal reeling machine at Owens Corning plant at Liversedge, West Yorkshire.

Completed in October 2006, the Owens Corning objective was to provide better working conditions for staff, increase machine speed and reduce operating costs. Commenting, Mr Warren Stephenson, Maintenance Operations Leader at Owens Corning said: “A major plus gained from the new equipment has been the reduction in time taken for change-round of the slitting system - what previously took two hours can now be achieved in just five minutes. Together with the big improvement in air quality, we are delighted with the new system.”

The slitting system comprises 36 top manually adjusted knife-holders mounted on a guide rail - an optional future upgrade would allow automatic positioning. The counter blades are mounted on a Svecom female knife-shaft providing positive positioning, low maintenance and an expansion range that makes blade changes quick and easy for the operator.

The air system has a blower Venturi that continually sucks the trim away from the slitting knives. By using a Venturi system the amount of dust is reduced. The trim is conveyed at 24 metres per second through ductwork to a discharge compactor some 100 metres away where the air is separated in an Impact Air separator and the trim falls gently by gravity into the compactor. Further ducting then leads to the filter unit that completely removes any dust that has passed through the system.

Owens Corning is an important supplier of composite materials to a variety of industrial end users including car and computer manufacturers. Impact waste and trim extraction systems can be found in manufacturing operations all over the world. Whatever the waste handling problem, whether it involves corrugated or carton board, paper, high strength plastic films, steel or aluminium scrap, Impact Air can provide a solution.

Designed to keep machines and production areas clear of waste materials with little or no supervision. Waste is extracted at source as it is created and delivered automatically to the recovery area bringing the benefits of increased output, extra floor space, clean and safe working conditions, reduced handling costs and increased revenue from the sale of waste.

Jarshire was formed in 1969 and represents the interests in the UK and Ireland of some 15 manufacturers, each a leader in its own field. Providing support and backup to the sales function is a service network capable not only of advising on the most suitable equipment for the purpose, but also of handling installation, commissioning and the provision of operator training.

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