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New Smart In-Bin Compaction Solution


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Compact General Waste In 240 L Bins In Our New Waste Compactor Flex 4240!

Smart Design – Easily Extendable
The new model, 4240, is an in-bin waste compactor for standard two-wheeled 240 L bins. It is a robust and stable machine that, thanks to its compact design, takes up little floor space. The 4240 is safe and convenient to use and a good finish in combination with easy access makes cleaning quick and simple. The multiple-chamber unit offers a top-loading setup, while the single-chamber version is based on the principle “Roll in! Compact! Roll out!”.

The compactor is easily extended with additional chambers. The front door on the single-chamber unit is then replaced by an apron for effortless movement of the press head from one chamber to the next.

Advanced Simplicity
Safety and quality are our hallmarks and the compactor provides maximum personal safety both for the operator and those in the immediate vicinity. A bin indicator assures that the machine can only start, when the bin is in the right position. An Orwak machine is always easy to maneuver, safe, and silent. That is what we call “Advanced Simplicity”.

Ideal For General Waste
The 4240 is perfect for the hotel and restaurant sector, where general waste needs to be disposed of in waste bins. The in-bin compactor provides impressive volume reduction, contributing to valuable space-saving and a more profitable waste management.

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