New TOC-TN Analysers Offer Wider Measurement Ranges



A new range of TOC-TN analysers, the IL 500 series, from HACH LANGE extends both the measurement range and performance levels available from this section of the laboratory.

In launching the new range, HACH LANGE’s EU Lab Automation Sales Manager, Ralf Grebe says “These analysers have been developed with five main objectives.
Firstly, superb accuracy - error elimination is built-in, for example a high furnace temperature ensures optimal digestion.
Secondly, flexibility - a range of configuration options exist so that each customer’s instrumentation can be designed specifically to match their application, and extremely wide measurement ranges mean that we can test everything from ultrapure water to wastewater and solid samples up to 3g.
Thirdly, long-term reliability - we are focused to the point of obsession on variation reduction and error elimination. For example, the analyser’s internal firmware continuously performs self-checks.
Fourthly, these analysers are designed for speed - most of the processes are automatic and unattended operation is possible, particularly with the autosampler option.
Finally, this equipment is very easy to operate; all analysers are controlled by a PC running ‘Omnitoc’ software which is very user friendly and can be operated intuitively.”

TOC and TN analysis is vitally important in applications ranging from power generation, wastewater, drinking water, surface water and ultrapure water, to agricultural soils, contaminated land and food. HACH LANGE analysers therefore offer a range of options designed to meet every need. For example, in the pharmaceutical industry the priority is for high accuracy and repeatability at very low levels, whilst analysis of wastewater should be able to accommodate samples with high particle levels and salt concentrations. Analysis under these conditions is a unique feature of the HACH LANGE instruments.

The IL 500 series offers a choice of TOC or TOC-TN analysis for liquid samples or TOC for solid samples. Measuring TOC by NDIR up to a remarkable 35% in solids and from 2 ppb to 30 g/l in liquids.

A key feature for the IL550 is particle tolerance in liquids. The autosampler needle has a large diameter and the samples are loaded via the pneumatic port directly into the furnace - contamination or leaks are avoided because there is no septum or valve.
An additional feature is the ability to test large sample sizes - solids up to 3g and liquids up to 20 ml for the UV version IL500. This means that highly accurate results can be obtained even from non-heterogeneous samples.

Total Nitrogen can be measured from 0.1 to 100 mg/l or by an internal electrochemical detector or with an optional chemiluminescence detector for testing to EN12260.

For maximum efficiency, digestion takes place up to 950 Deg C for the combustion version IL550 and the solids module is able to increase the temperature to an unrivalled 1300 Deg C. The UV version is equipped with a high-energy UV lamp, which offers the advantage of direct contact with the sample.
Effective digestion ensures complete sample oxidation and thereby offers improved accuracy.

An autosampler is available for customers wishing to further automate analysis. The IL500 autosampler incorporates double-needle technology that enables measurement and purging to take place in parallel thereby saving time and further increasing the speed of the process.
The Omnitoc software also saves laboratory time, collecting statistical data relating to calibrations and measured values. Calibration curves are generated automatically and user configurations are stored so that appropriate methods can be employed quickly and easily in the future. Data can be viewed during the measurement process and urgent samples can be given higher priority so that no time is lost.
All data can be exported to a LIMS.

Ralf Grebe says that he is “very excited about the advantages that the new HACH LANGE TOC-TN analysers offer and encourages anyone involved in the analysis of organics or nitrogenous compounds to attend a free training course that will take place at the HACH LANGE training facilities in Manchester”
To reserve a place, simply email sarah.blayds@hach-lange.co.uk

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