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New version of software #


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Recently, we released a new version of VIY3 software. Software version #

What’s new:

  • Higher stability 
  • GPS usage options were enlarged  


  • GPS tab was added to the Main window
  • GPS tab window is divided into two sections.  In the right window – current GPR profile is displayed. 
  • In the left one – passed way in meters is displayed. In the upper part of window – information from GPS receiver. 
  • In this tab you can also test working of your GPS receiver with visualization of the trek, displaying of current coordinates and accuracy.
  • After finishing of sounding process, GPS trek will be added to user’s GPR profile.  
  • Now both: normal (straight) GPR profiles and GPR profiles that were acquired with GPS receiver – can be displayed in the program. 
  • Higher performance of 3D view producing
Please download the new version of VIY3 software here:

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