New WatchDog Compact Ultrasonic Weather Station!


Source: Spectrum Technologies, Inc

Plainfield, IL – Spectrum Technologies, Inc., a leading manufacturer of weather stations and data loggers, is proud to introduce their new WatchDog® Ultrasonic Station.

Smaller than a can of soda, Spectrum Technologies’ new WatchDog® Ultrasonic Station measures wind speed and direction, air temperature, humidity, dew point, wind chill, and barometric pressure. The WatchDog® Station handles adverse conditions with a UV stabilized, compact housing that is fully waterproof and resistant to chemicals. Reliability is enhanced by eliminating moving parts: the traditional wind vane and cups have been replaced with ultrasonic transducers.

The WatchDog® Ultrasonic Station uses its internal compass and built-in GPS to geo-reference all logged data. The station can be moved from one temporary location to another without requiring manual action to differentiate data sets. In addition, data from multiple stations could be combined into a single database so mapping tools would provide an overall picture of weather conditions within an extended measurement area.

Spectrum Technologies, Inc. manufactures and supplies affordable weather and field measurement technologies. To receive a free catalog complete with hundreds of climate, soil, and environmental monitoring devices, contact Spectrum Technologies, Inc.

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